The Charleroi Glass Museum is devoting its annual show to the Verreries de Scailmont, and in particular their artistic output in the age of Art Deco.

Alongside their usual output, which was typical of the sort of industrial-scale household glass that was then thriving in Hainaut, the Verreries de Scailmont issued a landmark range of artistic products. Scailmont used and abused the production and decoration techniques: hand blowing, mould blowing and pressed and moulded glass for the shape, painting, enamelling and etching with sand for the decorations.

This show brings together in one place the works of famous creators such as Henri Heemskerk and Charles Catteau, and everyday household glassware which will doubtless transport us back to our childhood days. The show runs from 27 September to 1 December 2013 in the salle du forum at the Bois du Cazier.