Blown, thermoformed or sculpted, glass is an extraordinary material that fascinates young and old alike. It has become a key artistic medium in contemporary art, and is the focus of the next Glass Days organised by the Museum of glass. On 24, 25 and 26 May, more than 30 glass artists and craftsmen from France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan will be exhibiting their creations in the 800m² Bois du Cazier. Over the course of the weekend, their many creations will take the curious, amateurs, collectors and professionals into their worlds, enabling them to discover the many facets of this very special material. Their talents will also be showcased in glass-blowing and flame-spinning demonstrations.


Abadie Aurélie et Sauques Samuel – Amoruso Yann – Anusch B – Bagatelles Créations – Bailly Catherine – Bouwens Thérèse – Cadot Charlotte – Connan Yannick – Dischinger Karola – Dufour Elise – Dupont Henri – Fosse Ovide-Robert – Fradin Laure – Geffroy William – Gonthier Lise – Hanowski Jorg – Jacobs Priska – Jeitz Anne-Claude – Jolivet Ghislène – Lasfargues Julie – Lataille Floriane – Lemaire Jean-François – Lemoine Pascal – Loiselet Victor – Maréchal Christelle – Pascal Angélique – Philidet Suzanne – Pietsch Angelika – Rousseau Cyril-John – Rousseau Vincent – Satoshi Okamoto – Suzuki Michi – Trimbur-Pagel Claudia – Vayre Valérie

Glass Days will be open on

Friday 24.05.24 from 9am to 5pm

Saturday 25.05.24 and 26.05.24 from 10am to 6pm

Free access

Musée du Verre

Site du Bois du Cazier

Rue du Cazier, 80

6001 Marcinelle

+ 32 (0)496 599 214