To coincide with Glass Days, the Charleroi Glass Museum is presenting its first biennial exhibition of contemporary glass, Constellation, from 23 May to 14 July at the Charleroi Fine Arts Museum, with the aim of promoting glass as a medium for contemporary art.

Glass is a complex and multi-faceted material: used in everyday life and by craftsmen, it is also used in contemporary sculptures and installations, and is increasingly appreciated by visual artists, who are fascinated by the many forms that glass can take.

With 2024 marking the 100th anniversary of the Surrealist Manifesto, we invited artists to present a work linked to René Magritte’s emblematic painting “The Empire of Reflection” (1938), which will form part of the exhibition itinerary.

In the end, 22 works were selected, each paying tribute in its own way to this giant of Belgian surrealism. The selection features both big names in glass art and young emerging artists from all over Europe.

Come and discover all the richness of glass and all its artistic dimension through the sculptures and installations brought together around Magritte’s painting.

Selected artists:

Aurélie Abadie and Samuel Sauques (France)

Anne Alsina Bardagi (Spain)

Elena Antonishina aka Kira Vertebra (Sweden)

Pauline Bétin (France)

Thérèse Bouwens (Netherlands)

Karen Browning (United Kingdom)

Evy Cohen (France)

Claire Deleurme (France)

Chantal Delporte (Belgium)

Mathis Esnault (France)

Jean Gazdac (France)

Tuva Gonsholt (Norway)

Lise Gonthier (France)

Martin Hlubucek (Czech Republic)

Barbara Idzikowska (Poland)

Juliette Leperlier (France)

Richard Meitner (Netherlands)

Yoshiko Okada (France/Japan)

Colin Reid (United Kingdom)

Lucie Švitorková (Czech Republic)

Nataliya Vladyschko (Ukraine /Netherlands)

Steen Wuyts (Belgium)

Practical information

Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 6pm

Free access

Museum of Fine Arts

Boulevard Mayence, 65

6000 Charleroi

+ 32 (0)496 599 214